Tombo Matcha and Rose Latte

Tombo were kind enough to send me some of their Ceremonial Grade Matcha recently and as Matcha is one of my staple teas it means I experiment with it a lot.  I decided to make a Matcha Rose Latte.

Matcha Rose Latte Tombo Cocorico Cardiff

To make the latte I warmed some milk on the hob with a large pinch of dried rose petals (or a small pinch of rose buds) until it was warm and then I strained the milk. I then used my Matcha whisk to whisk the milk into two scoops of sieved Matcha and that’s it! You can add a touch of honey if you want it to be a bit sweeter but I find the rose adds the right amount of sweetness. You will find that a Matcha latte won’t froth as much as Matcha does when prepared traditionally but that doesn’t take away from the taste at all. I buy my rose petals and rose buds from Spice of Life but most tea companies sell them too.

Tombo Ceremonial Grade Matcha is very high quality. In general Matcha has a strong almost seaweed like taste that I love and is what makes Matcha so unique. I’ve found Tombo’s Matcha to be the least bitter of all the Matcha I’ve tried. This makes it lovely to drink traditionally but it means it’s perfect to use in something like a latte as it complements milk and sweet flavours so well.

The cakes pictured are rose and white chocolate mousse, pink grapefruit jelly and almond sponges from Cocorico Patisserie.

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10 Responses to Tombo Matcha and Rose Latte

  1. Sounds divine! How was the rose flavouring with the Matcha?


  2. Matcha rose sounds fantastic!

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