Sencha from Rune Tea

Rune Tea are a newly launched, Bristol- based, family run company who sell their teas online. They believe in sustainability and want to bring loose leaf tea culture back to Britain. They were kind enough to send me some of their Sencha to try.

Sencha Rune Tea

I would generally brew Sencha between 60-65c but I prepared this tea at 80c for 2 minutes as directed and I managed 3 infusions. It has a grassy vegetal flavour with a hint of sweetness. Sencha usually has a rather strong flavour, as most Japanese green teas do, but this is a delicate tea. It is the most delicate Sencha I’ve tried and it’s very refreshing.

You can find their range of teas for sale on Amazon.

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10 Responses to Sencha from Rune Tea

  1. Could it be Australian grown Japanese sencha? The taste is lighter and the body more delicate than Japanese grown.

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  2. feijicha says:

    I really like your accessories here. The cup and decanter are especially lovely! Where did you find them?


  3. misspond says:

    I love your tea pot! I’m really not a fan of green/weird teas! I’m a black tea lady, sorry 😦

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  4. LucyL says:

    Sencha is a good tea! My personal favourite is Houjicha, have you ever tried it? I’m also a tea fanatic πŸ™‚

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    • I love houjicha too! Where do you get yours? I tried a houjicha latte for the first time the other day which was really interesting.


      • LucyL says:

        I get my houjicha leaves from Japan Centra, and the houjicha powder to make lattes from Hong Kong, but I noticed See Woo in Chinatown London has started selling it! Yes, it was houjicha latte that introduced me to this delicious tea, I love HJ latte. If you’re in London you hv to try Cameillia’s tea house, I’ve just had a wonderful white peach tea πŸ™‚

        Btw, my new post of the Restos I eat in Chinatown is up x


        • I must get some houjicha powder the next time I’m in China Town to make a latte at home. I really enjoyed your post about recommendations in China Town so I’ll go to one of them at the same time! 😊

          I really like Camellia’s. It’s such a sweet place. I really must make it back. There are so many places on my list I sometimes find it hard to make it back to revisit places!


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