New Cocktails at Locke and Remedy

I love a good cocktail so when Locke and Remedy invited me along to try their new menu I looked forward to it having throughly enjoyed their cocktails in the past. 

The first cocktail I tried was the Japanese Julep. It stood out to me on the menu as it contains green tea syrup. It also contains Yamazaki whisky, ginger mixer and mint making it a rich but refreshing drink.

I also tried the Strawberry & Watermelon Cooler, the Roasted Cinnamon Pineapple Caipirinha and the Strawberry & Chilli Margarita. They were all really tasty and went down really well. 

The new menu has a good variety of long and short drinks and drinks for different tastes. There is something for everyone. If you’re going out for cocktails make sure Locke and Remedy are high on your list!

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2 Responses to New Cocktails at Locke and Remedy

  1. The Strawberry & Watermelon Cooler sounds delicious!


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