Coffee am Byth

Coffee Am Byth is a speciality stall which serves coffee at RCMA’s Roath and Riverside markets every Saturday and Sunday. They have recently starting offering KeepCups for sale at £15 a cup. The cups are glass and the perfect size for speciality coffee. 

Jamie, who runs Coffee Am Byth, has been trying to find the perfect reusable cups for a while and believes KeepCups are it. I definitely agree. As they are glass they are easy to clean and don’t taint the taste of the coffee as metal or plastic would. They also feel as if you are drinking from a normal cup which makes the experience all the more enjoyable. The cups have a cork band to hold which stops the cup from being too hot to hold whilst looking stylish. Another benefit, apart from helping the environment, is that Coffee Am Byth will give you a 10% discount on coffee for life. I’ve always got my cup in my bag now when I visit the markets and when go to other speciality coffee places. They are definitely worth the money as they are designed to last. 

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