Dinner and Cocktails at Grey, Cardiff

Named after Greyfriars Road, Grey is based in the Hilton where Razzi used to be although it isn’t run by the Hilton. I was recently invited to a mini taster menu and gin masterclass evening.

Grey like to source local ingredients and work with local producers like Eccentric Gin. Eccentric Gin are based not far from Cardiff and make some wonderful gins, like the Cardiff Dry. We tried their gins with tonics and garnishes as well as in martinis. Their Young Tom, fermented from IPA, was particularly interesting and was my favourite gin and tonic of the night. 

As for cocktails, the Cardiff Tea Party was inevitably going to be my favourite. It consists of Cardiff Dry gin, tea, lemon juice and lemongrass syrup. 

The mini taster menu was great as we got to try so many different dishes. Using loads of local ingredients the care and attention put into the menu is obvious. My favourite savoury dishes were their Feel Good Salad and Sesame Seared Tuna Loin with Wasabi. 

I loved the Nutella Gnocchi but my favourite dessert of the night was the 5 dollar shake. Thick, sweet and boozy, it was the perfect end to a satisfying meal. 

I’d highly recommend Grey for a Christmas get together and plan to try both their bottomless prosecco brunch and afternoon tea in the future.

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