Happy First Birthday to Chaiholics

Chaiholics Cardiff

I’ve wanted to sample the tea based cocktails from Chaiholics for quite a while and I finally got the chance at their first birthday party last month. Tea cocktails are becoming quite popular (and sometimes they don’t live up to the hype!) but Chaiholics get it spot on.

Upon arriving we were welcomed with a complimentary Strawberry Daiquiri that was blended with some Assam tea making for an amazing combination. After that I made my way through most of the cocktails available on the menu. I wish I had been able to try them all!

Chaiholics Cocktails

As rose is one of my favourite flavours I opted for the Rose Chaitini first and it was absolutely delicious. The rose gave it a beautifully sweet and floral edge which complimented the tea perfectly. It’s such a clever twist on a martini and I much prefer it to the original!

Rose Chaitini

I went on to sample the Spiced Chaiquiri, the Baileys Chai Sizzle and the Mar-Tea-Ni. Once again, they were all delicious. The flavours of each cocktail have been very well thought out as the flavour of the teas are not lost to the alcohol. My favourite of these three was the Mar-Tea-Ni as it is an alcoholic version of a sweet iced tea making for a very refreshing cocktail.

Tea Cocktails Cardiff

The only thing I would say is that my Baileys Chai Sizzle did separate slightly but it didn’t really affect my enjoyment of the cocktail.


As well as having cocktails on offer, Roath Rocks were there to host the celebrations. This meant that we were treated to some great local music, a raffle and some birthday cake with money being raised for stroke sufferers at the same time.

I really enjoyed my evening and I like how Chaiholics is flexible enough to be a relaxing chai house during the day whilst making a great celebration venue in the evening. Chaiholics have had a very successful first year and they have lots of plans in the pipeline. On 3rd November they will be opening as a bistro in the evenings so there will be plenty more opportunities for me to indulge in their amazing cocktails!

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2 Responses to Happy First Birthday to Chaiholics

  1. Mmm these sound great, especially the Rose Chaitini!


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