Tea and Coffee Beer at Cardiff Brewfest 

Sorry, my grammar might be terrible but I’m a bit tipsy to say the least. I’m quite new to drinking beer so I either go for fruity sours or for beer brewed with tea or coffee. At Cardiff Brewfest there are so many tea and coffee beers on offer that I was spoilt for choice. Cardiff Brewfest is held at the Depot and arranged by Tiny Rebel Brewing Co. and Otley Brewing Co.

Tea Beers 

Siren Brewery have Vermont Tea Party which is a Pale Ale brewed with loose leaf Earl Grey and lemon zest. The Earl Grey taste is very strong and it’s a hoppy beer.

Marble Brewery have an Earl Grey IPA which I’ve written about before. 

Beavertown have Earl Phantom which is a Sour Ale infused with lemon and Earl Grey tea. It’s a dry hopped Berliner Weisse. 

Coffee Beers

Beavertown have ‘Spresso which is an Imperial Coffee Stout. It’s 11% but tastes just like a rich cold brew coffee. It’s very easy to drink. Too easy. 

Left Handed Giant Brewing Co. have Flat White which is a collaboration with Arbor. It’s a Sweet Stout. It’s interesting to have a coffee beer with a milky aspect. 

Mad Dog Brew Co. have Quantum Gravity which is a collaboration with Quantum Coffee Roasters. Both companies are South Wales based and have made a delicious beer. 

Dark Star Brewing Co. have an Espresso Stout which really tastes of coffee. 

Other Highlights 

Tiny Rebel have Frambuzi which is very sour ale made which raspberry. It’s wonderful. 

Bad Seed Brewery have Mojito Lime Gose which is perfectly balanced in flavour. 

Siren Craft have Calypso Berliner Weisse which is fruity and not too sour. It’s really refreshing. 

Cloudwater Brew Co. have V7. It’s part of their DIPA series so it is limited edition. It’s refreshing, fruity and light. 

If you’re free this evening or Sunday then make sure you pop in. It’s £8 entry but with that you get a glass to keep. Most drinks are £1.50 for 1/3 and £2 for 1/2 so it’s very well priced. 

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