Tea Flavour Ice Lollies 

In this heatwave something to cool down is desperately needed! My favourite things to make are matcha, chai and cold brew tea ice lollies. Here are some rough ideas for inspiration…

Matcha ice lollies

I measured how much liquid my ice lolly moulds hold before starting. I added a few scoops of matcha to milk (unhomoginised to make the lollies creamy or add a splash of cream when using whole milk) and mixed them together cold. If you want a bit of sweetness then heat the milk before whisking with the matcha and add some coconut sugar. If you add the sugar to cold matcha it will be grainy in texture. Pour the cold (or cooled) matcha into the moulds and put into the freezer. It’s as easy as that! [You can use coconut milk if you want to make the lollies dairy free. It’s still creamy and coconut and matcha work well together.]

Chai ice lollies

Make chai as usual and after allowing to cool pour into the moulds and put in the freezer. Again, you can use coconut milk instead (but if you do then prepare your chai with 100% coconut milk without adding any water). 

Cold brew tea ice lollies

I don’t have any photos but any cold brewed tea can be poured into the moulds and frozen to make ice lollies. Even a refreshing tea brewed warm (such as Sencha) can be left to cool and frozen. These are great ideas for sugar free lollies. 

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4 Responses to Tea Flavour Ice Lollies 

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  3. Mmm these sounds lovely – I think I might make some chai ones this weekend!


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