#PanasonicSlowJuicer Party

I’ve been planning on getting a juicer for a while so when Come Round invited me to hold a party with a Panasonic Slow Juicer (MJ-L500) I started coming up with ideas straight away. 

I bought loads of fruit from the local farmers market and my favourite fruit and vegetable stall and invited some friends over for a Sunday afternoon juice party. I had a play with the juicer myself first and it was so easy to put together and use that I didn’t have to do much in advance. Although it’s called a slow juicer this refers to the way it works and it doesn’t take long to make juice at all. It presses the fruit slowly meaning it doesn’t have to heat it and the pulp separates really well. All I needed to do was wash the fruit and chop some up to put on the freezer to use the frozen dessert function. 

Upon arriving everyone wanted something different but this wasn’t any hassle at all. All the pulp just goes into a separate container so there is no need to clean the machine in between different juices if you are making them one after the other. We made apple juice, strawberry juice, orange and pineapple juice and watermelon juice. 

I really enjoyed my orange and pineapple juice but the overall favourite was watermelon. 

I froze some pineapple in advance and after allowing it to thaw a bit I made a pineapple sorbet style dessert. It was so easy to do and it’s lovely to be able to have a pure fruit sorbet. I can’t wait to do a few more experiments with dessert ideas, such a frozen yoghurt. 

I’ve been experimenting with my watermelon juice [as I made so much!] and have made ice lollies by freezing pure watermelon juice. 

I also made ice cubes with pure watermelon juice and added them to a cold brew Darjeeling I prepared overnight. They add a hint of natural fruity sweetness and look really good too. 

The pulp left over from juicing can also be used so nothing goes to waste. I used the strawberry pulp in some brownies. As there is no juice left the pulp is fantastic to bake with as it doesn’t make recipes too wet like pure fruit can. The brownies worked very well. 

The juicer is very easy to clean, is compact yet stylish (meaning it can stay out on display) and is so versatile. I’d highly recommend it to everyone. 

I think the guests at my party enjoyed it too… 

Photo by Tom

Photo by @paullovestea

It’s great to see that people have been inspired by my party like Rachel of Tea with Me and Friends

Photo by Rachel

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