New Menu at Burger and Lobster, Cardiff

*The Cardiff branch of Burger and Lobster has closed*

 Burger and Lobster has always offered exactly that, burgers and lobster, but in their Cardiff restaurant they have recently launched a new menu expanding their range whilst still sticking to their roots. They invited me to come try some of the new menu items which I was more than happy to do!

I ordered their new Welsh lamb burger to be served medium with sweet potato fries on the side. I’d say my burger was more on the rare side but I like my meat rare so I was more than happy. I went with an earl grey, watermelon and lemon ice tea to drink as it was a warm day so something refreshing was very welcome.

I really enjoyed my meal and was impressed with the chick lobster, brisket roll, cowboy caviar and blooming onion that I got to have a taste of from my friend’s meals. I adored my ice tea and their alcoholic South Carolina ice tea goes down very easily too! 

For dessert I went with a passionfruit creme brûlée. I adore creme brûlée and this was a good one. The sugar was nice and hard on top without tasting burnt. It was the perfect end to such an indulgent meal. 

I was really impressed with the new expanded menu and I think the prices reflect the Cardiff food scene perfectly (with the lamb burger being £9). I also think it’s great they are now sourcing some of their meat from Wales. I’m already planning to go back to have the lamb burger again and try the lobster mac and cheese side with some South Carolina ice tea to drink. 

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12 Responses to New Menu at Burger and Lobster, Cardiff

  1. Looks very good must try to get there, was it a good price


  2. Another restaurant that left me ‘meh’ because of the service. I’d love to try the more varied menu, but the Manchester one was a date night let down 😦 The lobster was very yum though and we enjoyed the mocktails!


    • That’s a shame. Our service was really good but we were there for a blogging event. The varied menu is a great idea. I think they should extend it to other venues. The food and cocktails are really good. I can’t go often with Paul being a vegetarian and I love lobster.


  3. I really need to try the food here! Heard so many good things about it and the prices sound great!



  4. Porcelina says:

    Oo I went to try the new menu too, a friend was reviewing it! I had the most amazing lobster, and I also went for the crème brulee to finish (which was perfect, so many places get it wrong.) I wonder if we were there at the same time?! x


    • I need to go back to have some lobster all to myself. If your crème brûlée was just as good that shows consistency too. So many places do get it wrong. I bet we were! Hopefully we get to bump into each other at some point so I can say hello.


  5. I’ve never eaten at Burger and Lobster but I love the sound of those drinks , and the crème brulee sounds a delight!


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