A Macaron Manicure Party

Recently Brioche Pasquier invited me to throw a macaron manicure party to celebrate Galentines Day along with the release of their new range of macarons. I thought it would be the perfect excuse to invite some friends over for tea, macarons and a bit of a pampering session.

macarons Broiche Pasquier

The macarons were frozen but they defrosted really easily and were still a very nice texture. Macarons are one of my favourite treats and I was impressed with these, especially with them having been frozen. The flavours are coffee, chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, strawberry and lemon. I think we all had a different favourite flavour and mine was vanilla. My guests painted their nails to match their favourite flavours and I painted mine as a macaron rainbow! I paired them with some different black teas as I always think black tea suits sweet things best. It’s robust enough to compliment the macarons without either overpowering them or being overpowered by them. I chose either Keemum, Ceylon and Earl Grey dependant on what my guests asked for.

macarons broiche Pasquier

macarons broiche Pasquier

I’d definitely recommend the macarons if you are having a party or if you just want a treat. They would be perfect to have in the freezer to have a couple whenever you fancy. One of my guests had never tried macarons before (I know!) and is now addicted which I think says it all!

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4 Responses to A Macaron Manicure Party

  1. Bonnie Eng says:

    How cute!! I’m happy to say that even here in CA, I do know of Brioche Pasquier. My local market carries their brioche, but not these beautiful macarons…hope they stock them over here soon! 🙂


  2. I wouldn’t have expected much from frozen macarons so glad to hear these are not bad!


  3. These Macarons looks delicious, reading your post makes me crave of it.


  4. Courtney Sia says:

    Love those macarons paired with tea.


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