A Tea Shopping Spree at Tiger Stores

Recently I was invited to have a complementary shopping spree in Tiger‘s Cardiff city centre store. I was handed a basket and given free reign of the shop. In Tiger this is quite an overwhelming prospect as there is so much to choose from and you can get a lot for your money.

Tiger Stores Cardiff

Obviously I was drawn to anything tea related but with so much tea stuff items in store I was still somewhat overcome. Their tea related items range from teaware (such as teapots, tea infusers, mugs, sugar bowls, milk jugs), loose leaf tea, biscuits to enjoy with tea, sand timers & egg timers which can be used to measure brewing time, tea trays and ready to drink ice tea. I picked up a large amount of tea items and my full basket only totalled £35!

Tea Tiger Stores

Tiger Stores Tea

All of the items in this photo came from Tiger. This photo was taken whilst I was brewing some of their loose leaf chai.

Tiger Stores tea

Due to being so overcome during my shopping spree I didn’t actually pick up a cup but they do have some nice glasses and mugs which can be used for tea. I found the chai to be quite subtle which I found enjoyable. I brewed it for 3 minutes (which is a shorter time than recommended) at 95c.

Chai Tea Tiger Stores

My star items from the spree were two milk jugs I picked up specifically to make the Malaysian tea teh tarik. To make teh tarik you have to pour the liquid (black tea prepared on the hob with added condensed milk) between metal containers a number of times at a height. Teh tarik means pulled tea and this pouring technique is where it gets its name from. Pouring the tea between the jugs causes it become aerated which has a big affect on the taste. When I saw these metal milk jugs in store I was so excited. Their size and long handles make them much easier to use in comparison with traditional milk pans. My teh tarik technique is now so much better meaning my teh tarik tastes a lot more like it’s supposed to.

Teh tarik milk jug tiger stores

Tiger is one of my favourite shops and I always find myself popping in when I’m in town. As they get between 30-50 new products in per month, and products are only in store for around 3 months (unless they sell out first), you will always find something new in Tiger. The teapot which is new in for September is beautiful & a bargain at £5 and I am currently obsessed with their novelty socks.

Teapot socks Tiger Stores

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10 Responses to A Tea Shopping Spree at Tiger Stores

  1. StyleRarebit says:

    You lucky lady, so jealous! I love this store and you chose awesome stuff x


  2. Love the pictures Jaye! 😀
    You picked up some really handy things.

    My biscuit barrel didn’t stay sealed for long, ideal for tea dunking, ha!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. connie says:

    I am well impressed with your Tiger haul – first time I went into a store (we don’t have them in NZ) I was literally the kid in the candy store… could buy everything! The teapots are fantastic, though I didn’t actually know you can get tea there! Also very impressed by your teh tarik technique!


    • I don’t think they’ve been in the UK for too long. I was the same… I still am! The teapots are always so pretty and really cheap. The tea is always in the corner with the sweets and spices so could probably be easily missed. Thank you, I’ll admit that it’s my husband who ends up making the teh tarik because he’s better… and makes less mess! 😊


  4. I miss Tiger. Such a great place to pick up gifts when you can’t decide what to get someone!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. kels says:

    I love Tiger stores! I’m like an excited kid inside exploring new things haha. Loving the socks!


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