Basilur Tea

I have previously written about Basilur Tea’s stunning Tea Book Collection and they were kind enough to send me some more of their teas to try.

Window Collection: Chinese

The idea of the Window Collection is in a similar vein to that of the Tea Book Collection. Whereas the Tea Books are designed to tell the story behind a tea, the Window Collection represents the idea of looking through a window and being transported elsewhere.

Basilur Tea Chinese Window

The Chinese Window tea is a milky oolong that smells of milk bottle sweets upon opening. I brewed the tea for 2 minutes at 80c as the pack suggests. I enjoyed 3 infusions of the tea but I think it could well have lasted for a couple more if the brewing time was increased to 3 minutes.

Basilur Tea Chinese Window Milky Oolong

The tea smells milky and sweet when brewed but upon taste it has a subtle flavour. The sweetness and milkiness come through in a delicate way that is refreshing and makes you want more. I think it would work really well after food.

Ceylon Green Tea

I think that black Ceylon tea can be under appreciated but it’s a tea I really enjoy. I had never tried a green Ceylon before this so I was really intrigued.

The smell upon opening is similar to that of a Chinese green tea as it’s a sweet yet grassy scent. I brewed the tea at 80c for 2 minutes as the pack suggests. I enjoyed 2 infusions of the tea but I think if the brewed time was increased to 3 minutes it could possibly last one more.

Basilur Tea Green Ceylon

I found the tea to be refreshing and more comparable to a Chinese green rather than a Japanese green. This is because it has a light and refreshing sweet grassy taste and doesn’t have any savoury notes.
My favourite thing about Basilur Teas is their presentation. I think they are the perfect teas to give as a gift or to include as part of a hamper.

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4 Responses to Basilur Tea

  1. I love Ceylon tea too, but haven’t heard of a green ceylon so good to see your review. I will keep my eyes peeled for one to try! I love the presentation too!

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  2. What a beautiful tin! A gorgeous way of packaging up 🙂


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