Afternoon Tea at Cocorico Patisserie

Cocorico Patisserie Cardiff

Cocorico Patisserie is a real Cardiff gem as it’s a French patisserie owned and run by a French patisserie chef making it unique in Cardiff. They recently moved to a bigger premises but have stayed on Whitchurch Road which is nice as it keeps its independent feel rather than becoming commercialised in the city centre. It also makes it a nice meeting point in the area. I’ve been going for afternoon tea at Cocorico since they started serving it so I’m not sure why it’s taken me until now to write about it. Maybe because I normally can’t pause to take photos of it before diving in!

As well as amazing food the tea is supplied by Waterloo Tea. It’s great to see local businesses working together in this way as it’s great for customers like me. It also means no rubbish tea bag as a second thought to the food. The tea is served in the same Forlife teapots that the Waterloo teahouses use and you are given a timer to ensure it’s brewed well.

Cocorico Patisserie Waterloo Tea Cardiff

I opted for Yunnan Breakfast as it’s a Chinese black tea that goes well with both sweet and savoury food. Paullovestea opted for Peppermint Rooibos as he felt like a drink with no caffeine and felt it would be a nice palate cleanser. We were both able to get a reinfusion of our teas meaning we had plenty of tea to accompany the food.

Every single item that comes with the afternoon tea is superb. I would even go out a limb and say it’s the best in Cardiff. Everything is homemade, including the bread and jam, and it isn’t a strict set menu meaning it may be a little different if you visit more than once. The savoury options we were treated to were smoked salmon open sandwiches, chicken open sandwiches, filled cheese croissants with there being a goat’s cheese and onion chutney vegetarian option instead of the chicken and salmon. The sweet options we enjoyed were mini Paris-Brests, mini fruit tarts, mini eclairs with a chocolate filling and mini opera cake. The scones came with the most delicious blueberry and lavender jam and some Chantilly cream. The Chantilly cream works just as well as clotted cream and it’s nice that it’s a French cream offered in a French patisserie.

Afternoon tea Cocorico Patisserie Cardiff

We paid for our afternoon tea in full but after we’d finished, and were leisurely coming to the end our pots of tea, we very kindly offered some complimentary chocolates from their new range. We were given a white chocolate filled with three vanilla (Madagasgan, Tahitian, Mexican) ganache, a dark chocolate with Penderyn whiskey, an almond cluster with white chocolate and orange zest, a dark chocolate with schezwan pepper and lemon, a dark chocolate with liquid caramel centre and a white chocolate mendiant with nuts and dried fruit.

Chocolate Cocorico Patisserie Cardiff

All of the chocolates were delicious but Paullovestea went as far as to say that the white chocolate with vanilla ganache is the best chocolate he has ever tasted. All the flavours in the chocolates compliment each other very well and the quality of the ingredients is evident. It was also very interesting to be told a little of the history behind some of the chocolates. The mendiant chocolate is named after monastic orders with the colours of the fruits and nuts meant to represent four orders of monks. I was also excited to hear that the chocolate range will be expanding soon and that a macaron range is on its way. I adore macarons but struggle to get good ones in Cardiff so I can’t wait.

The afternoon tea is only £15 a person which is a great price for the quality of it and it could easily stand up against places that charge a lot more. Next time you’re looking for afternoon tea then I recommend you go to Cocorico Patisserie! They ask that you book at least 48 hours in advance.

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12 Responses to Afternoon Tea at Cocorico Patisserie

  1. Sandra says:

    Looks fab! I adore macarons too x

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  2. misspond says:

    What a great value afternoon tea for what you get! Those patisserie offerings look amazing, I would’ve found them very difficult to share 😉 Great tea too, I love the Waterloo Tea you sent me! And how nice of them to give you chocolates at the end, the dark chocolate and whisky one sounds particularly awesome! Will add this to my ‘to go to in Cardiff’ list! Happy Afternoon Tea Week x

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    • It’s an amazing price. It would easily stand up again a fancy hotel. I have a fancy one booked on Saturday so I’m intrigued to compare. It’s nice to be able to get good tea with it as well. I do like Waterloo Tea a lot! The chocolates were awesome. The whiskey one was delicious and again a local product! It should be very high on your Cardiff list. It’s my ‘go to’ afternoon tea and they sell loads of other irresistible patisserie there too!


  3. The scones sound SO good!
    What a bonus to have some chocolates too (I need to try that white chocolate and vanilla).

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  4. MissNicklin says:

    I had never heard of Cocorico Patisserie before you mentioned it, however I am very keen to give it a visit after reading your review!
    I like the idea of accompanying the rich foods with the caffeine free rooibos like Paul did, but your Chinese tea sounds like it would go perfectly with the nibbles too! I must try more teas when I’m out and about as I usually just go straight for green tea but it would seem that I’m missing out! I would have been sold on the smoked salmon sandwich (a real favourite of mine!) and the scones – especially as the jam is homemade too! How wonderful! Those chocolates looked incredible, I definitely need to try the white chocolate with vanilla ganache!! Mmmmm! Do you need to book?

    Thanks for sharing this lovely place! xxx

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    • The food there is amazing. The Rooibos went really well with the food as it was mint but wasn’t too overpowering. I ended up having a cup of it with mine too! My tea was kind of like a breakfast tea so it went really well with food. It’s the kind you could have with milk and sugar if you wanted as well. I do like a Japanese green tea with savoury food and a Chinese one with sweet food. Smoked salmon is my absolute favourite! I’m so pleased they’ve started making their own jams and can’t wait to try the rest of the chocolate range and the new macarons. You do need to book in advance. They used to say at least 48 hours but I usually end up booking 24 hours in advance. I’ll add that info to the post so thank you for asking! You’ll have to let me know what you think of it when you visit. Maybe we can meet up there or in Waterloo where there is a greater selection of teas so you can try some more? 😊

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  5. That sounds like a great price for such a lovely afternoon tea!


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