Kombucha and Vegan Chai Slice from RCMA Markets, Cardiff

I’m a big believer in shopping local and supporting independents which is why I do my weekly shop at RCMA markets every Sunday. I’ve written about the tea flavoured cakes I’ve bought there in the past and recently I’ve been enjoying some other tea related treats!

Cafe Atma Kombucha Naturally Kind Chai Cardiff


Cafe Atma have been regulars at Riverside market selling kombucha for a while now. I’m a beginner when it comes to kombucha but it’s basically tea fermented using a culture. It’s the one type of tea that I wouldn’t be comfortable making for myself at home just yet. There are claims that kombucha has health benefits but I drink it purely because I enjoy the taste. Cafe Atma use matcha as their base tea and each week they offer new flavours. This week I picked up original, ginger ale, citrus and mojito flavours. Kombucha has a sour taste and I find it a nice alternative to alcohol so I usually drink it in the evening with food. As I drink it as an alcohol alternative I was particularly intrigued by the mojito flavour. I have enjoyed every flavour from Cafe Atma so far with the mojito and a berry flavour from a few weeks ago being my favourites. My one tip is not to shake it before pouring. It has bits in but they don’t mix into the drink so it’s best to just pour it slowly to try to leave them in the bottle. They don’t take away from the enjoyment of the drink if they do get into your glass (as they just stay at the bottom). I can’t wait for their place to reopen on Crwys Road as they are going to have a kombucha bar!

Cafe Atma Cardiff Kombucha

Vanilla Chai Slice

Naturally Kind, based in Swansea, are a regular stall holder at Riverside market. They sell a range of vegan treats. I get at least one treat from Naturally Kind every week with their raw cashew cream slices being one of my favourites. They are constantly coming up with new flavours and the latest is a Vanilla Chai Slice. I always take a look at their Facebook page on a Saturday as they generally advertise what they are bring to market the next day. I actually let out an audible gasp of glee when I saw the chai slice and it was every bit as delicious as I expected! It had a lovely creamy texture, as the slices always do, and the chai spices are the perfect strength. I really liked the amount of cinnamon and thought the vanilla balanced the chai spices well as it gave a nice sweetness. I hope they become a regular addition!

Naturally Kind Chai Cashew Slice Vegan

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8 Responses to Kombucha and Vegan Chai Slice from RCMA Markets, Cardiff

  1. Helen Treharne says:

    I love the RCMA market although I usually go the smaller one in Roath on a Saturday. Must try and do the Sunday one. I didn’t expect there to be tea related treats… must try harder to get to that one!


  2. burns509 says:

    I bought a bottle of kombucha from the market this morning. I tried a sample (one with ginger) & thought it was really tasty.


  3. Porcelina says:

    Do the Kombucha have sugar in? I’d never heard of them! x


    • I think some sugar is used to help the bacteria and yeast in the culture to to grow but I think it gets broken down. I’d never heard of it before finding it at the market a few months back. It’s something I have a lot to learn about!


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