Teh Tarik from Café Malaysia, Cathays

Teh Tarik is a milky Malaysian drink made with black tea and condensed milk. The tea isn’t generally of a high quality which is why it is made with condensed milk. It’s a perfect warming drink on a cold and rainy day. Teh Tarik has a thick frothy top which is created by pouring it back and forth between two cups when preparing it. Pouring it back and forth is said to give it a better flavour and cools it to drinking temperature. It can be a very impressive sight watching Teh Tarik being prepared.

Teh Tarik Cafe Malaysia Cardiff

The Teh Tarik from Café Malaysia is delicious. It’s milky and sweet, just as it should be, with the condensed milk giving it a moreish caramel flavour. It’s served in a big mug making it feel very homely and comforting. I enjoyed it after some Nasi Goreng as it’s the perfect end to a meal with it being so sweet. As well as enjoying the tea I really enjoyed the Nasi Goreng and, as the portion was so big, I bought the rest home for dinner. That’s great value for money!

Nasi Goreng Cafe Malaysia Cardiff

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4 Responses to Teh Tarik from Café Malaysia, Cathays

  1. burns509 says:

    The food and the tea look delicious. I’m going to have to try Cafe Malaysia.


  2. Keep meaning to go here. So good! Had it loads in Malaysia x


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