Basilur Tea Books

Anyone who knows me will know that my favourite two things are tea and books, so when Basilur Tea kindly sent me their Winter Tea Book: Volume One to try I was really intrigued. Each tea book depicts a different story about tea and Sri Lanka in relation to the Ceylon inside. The tea comes in a metal tea caddy in the guise of a book with a foil pouch inside.

Basilur Winter Tea Book

The tea inside is a Ceylon blended with cornflowers, jasmine, blue malva and roasted almonds. It’s really fragrant upon opening with the roasted almonds giving it a sweet marzipan-like smell. I infused the tea at 95c for 3 and a half minutes and I enjoyed 2 infusions of the tea.

Basilur Winter Tea Book

There was a slight floral note from the different flowers in the blend but the roasted almonds were the dominant flavour. They add a lovely sweetness which suits the delicate nature of the Ceylon well and are not overpowering as I had expected. I don’t enjoy fragranced teas if the added flavours are particularly strong but the flavours in this tea book are well balanced. I have been drinking more fragranced teas recently as they seem to suit the cold weather so I can see why this blend was chosen for the winter book.

I really enjoyed the tea and it’s presentation is one of the most interesting and charming that I’ve come across. If you wanted to buy somebody tea as a gift then the Basilur tea books are the perfect choice. Now I just need to decide what to use the caddy for when the tea is finished… maybe hiding my favourite teas inside it on my bookshelf so nobody else can find them!

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6 Responses to Basilur Tea Books

  1. This is beautiful! x


  2. wobblypip says:

    It looks lovely. A fantasic combination of two wonderful things x The caddy alone makes me want to try some πŸ™‚


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