I recently attended a Nespresso event which was hosted by Currys. I always get asked the question ‘coffee or tea?’ and of course I always answer ‘tea’! I don’t know if I’ve ever really given coffee a chance so I decided this event would be the perfect opportunity to do so. The event was held at Waterloo Tea at the Wyndham Arcade so as tea was involved in a small way I couldn’t resist.

Waterloo Tea at the Wyndham Arcade

The event was split into 4 workshops; coffee cupping, coffee cocktails, using the Nespresso machines and latte art. In the cupping workshop we were taught how to taste coffee and were able to try 12 varieties of Nespresso pod. In the coffee cocktail workshop we were shown how to make some cocktails using Nespresso coffee as the base. In the machine workshop we were shown how the machines work and told how the coffee is freshly ground and packed, that the pods are recyclable and were invited to ask questions.


My favourite workshop of the 4 was the latte art! We were shown how to make a heart and given the chance to try it for ourselves. Sadly mine looked more like a snail but I would love to try it again some time. This is something that could be transferred to tea as latte art looks particularly impressive on a vivid green Matcha latte!

Latte art

We were treated to a delicious lunch and some herbal infusions from Waterloo Tea which helped absorb some of the caffeine. The tisanes on offer were Lemon Verbena and Green Rooibos and I really enjoyed them both.

Waterloo Tea Lemon Verbena Green Rooibos

I would like to thank Joe Blogs for inviting me and you can read more about the event in the Currys blog post. It was a great experience but I will still answer the coffee/tea question in the same way!

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4 Responses to #coffeewithcurrys

  1. Emily says:


    It was so lovely to meet you at the event – wasn’t it a lovely day? I am defo looking forward to attending more events in Cardiff this year and we defo need to meet up for some tea!

    Emily x

    You can read my post here:



    • It was lovely to meet you too. It was a great a event and I’m looking forward to going to more this year. It would be really lovely to meet up for tea! I really enjoyed your post and that you’ve included the recipe for the cocktail.


  2. I really need to plan that tea meet up I said I would do at the event…


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