Cardiff Meet Up for Afternoon Tea at Pettigrew Tea Rooms

Pettigrew Tea Rooms Cardiff

I recently went to an afternoon tea meet up for South Wales bloggers at Pettigrew Tea Rooms. The meet up was organised by Laura of Side Street Style, Gemma of Fat Frocks and Chantele of 2 Hearts, 1 Roof. It was a great opportunity to chat to some other local bloggers and to enjoy a sumptuous afternoon tea in lovely surroundings. The table was already laid with vintage cups and strainers upon arrival adding to the vintage atmosphere.

Pettigrew Tea Rooms Cardiff Tea Palace

We were given the drinks list to choose either a Tea Palace tea, coffee or hot chocolate. I decided to go for Russian Caravan as I felt that a strong and smokey black tea would suit afternoon tea well. I was really pleased when my tea was bought over in a tea pot with a removable infuser and my tea strainer was taken away. This is because I was recognised from a previous visit and shows great customer service from the tea rooms. The water temperature was good and I was given some extra water in a metal pot with my tea as my teapot was a bit smaller than the ones without infusers. I let the leaves infuse for 3 minutes before removing them.

Tea Palace Russian Caravan Pettigrew Tea Rooms

The afternoon tea we were treated to was a bit different from the afternoon tea normally on offer at the tea rooms. Instead of finger sandwiches there were savoury mille-feuille and palmiers along with profiteroles, bara brith, violet marshmallows and scones with jam and clotted cream. It was all delicious but the items that stood out for me were the mille-feuille, palmiers and marshmallows.

Afternoon Tea Pettigrew Tea Rooms Cardiff

Afternoon Tea Pettigrew Tea Rooms Cardiff

The mille-feuille were Pantysgawn goats cheese and roasted pepper with some onion marmalade on top and the palmiers were Welsh cheddar and laverbread. The smokey flavour of the Russian Caravan suited these flavours perfectly.

Savoury millefuielle and palmiers Pettigrew Tea Rooms Cardiff

The violet marshmallows were a wonderful touch! I adore floral flavours, with violet being one of my favourites, so I knew I was going to like them. The fact that they were shaped like teapots just made me love them all the more. They were presented standing up on the bara brith which was really effective.

Violet teapot marshmallow Pettigrew Tea Rooms Cardiff

I believe the new things we treated to may be available in the future. I hope so, as I would really like to enjoy them all again.

As well as a fantastic afternoon tea, we were also treated a very generous goodie bag. I have been using the lip balm from Miss Patisserie daily and I have noticed one of the items from the Green People contains green tea as an ingredient!


The most generous item by far was a camera from Argos!

Polaroid Camera Argos

Thank you to Laura, Gemma and Chantele for organising such a great event and to all the sponsors: @Argos_Online, @bykirsty, @CrabtreeUK, @Dotcomgiftshop, @Fever_London, @GreenPeopleUK, @marksandspencer, @MissPatisserie, @movedancewear, @StKittsHerbery.

[I bought a ticket costing £10 to attend the event]

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6 Responses to Cardiff Meet Up for Afternoon Tea at Pettigrew Tea Rooms

  1. This looks so cute! And its so nice that they remembered you from before and changed the teapot for you. I love places that will work with you like that. The giftbags looked amazing too!


  2. I can’t believe that I didn’t notice that the marshmallows were in the shape of teapots until your post !!!


    • I suppose it’s probably more obvious in the photos than in person. Also, my ears always prick up when I hear the words ‘tea’ or ‘teapot’ so it stood out to me when the afternoon tea was explained. 😉 They were amazing.


  3. cdfblogs says:

    The marshmallow tea pots were so good! I’m going to try and make rosewater ones at home. Glad to see you enjoyed the afternoon 🙂 Gem x


    • Rosewater marshmallows would be delicious! I adore rose. I’d love to hear how they turn out.

      It was a lovely afternoon and really well organised so thank you. I’m looking forward to more meet ups in the future. 😊


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