Flavoured Teas from Nothing but Tea

Nothing but Tea are a UK based company that sell tea online. They sell a wide range of teas and teaware but they also have a lot of other tea related information on their website such as brewing information and a really useful glossary of tea terms. They were kind enough to send me some samples of a number of teas when I showed an interest in their Georgian teas on Twitter. I thought I’d share two very interesting and fun flavoured teas I was sent first of all…

Scotch Acorns Ceylon

Scotch Acorns Ceylon

I brewed this tea for 2 minutes as the packet suggests but used 97C water rather than 100C as I would never use boiled water for tea. The base black tea is a Ceylon which I think works as it is delicate enough to fight not with the added flavours, but adds a nice sweetness and maltiness that suits the whiskey perfectly. I don’t like whiskey as an alcoholic drink so I wasn’t sure what I would think of this tea but I love it! It’s got a lovely sweetness (due the addition of ingredients like cocoa kernels, brittle bits and vanilla) which balances out the Scotch whiskey and oak wood extract very well. I don’t drink flavoured teas that often but this is one that I will have to buy as it’s something a bit different and would be nice on the weekend instead of an alcoholic drink. I also like that you can actually see what has been added to the tea leaves and that it’s not just full of oils and extracts like so many flavoured teas are. The only extract is oak wood and this is completely understandable as it’s not something that could be physically put into the tea!

Mojito Black Tea

Mojito Black Tea

As with the Scotch Acorns Ceylon I brewed the tea for 2 minutes and used 97C water. I’m unsure what the base black tea is for this blend but it is something delicate which lets the Mojito flavour overtake it. Normally I wouldn’t be keen on this but it works really well in this case as it’s a bit of a fun tea. There are lot of added ingredients but the lemongrass, cinnamon and spearmint come though the strongest for me. It definitely has a recognisable mojito taste! As with the whiskey tea you can see what has been added to the leaves. Out of a long list of added ingredients there is only one extract (natural lime oil extract) and two oils (lime and spearmint).

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4 Responses to Flavoured Teas from Nothing but Tea

  1. I love love LOVE your tea set, where is it from?! I love the sound of the first tea, I’m with you, I prefer flavoured teas that you can see the added ingredients rather than added oils etc../


    • Thank you. 😊 The all red set is from Forlife. I bought it in a local teahouse but they are really widely available. I also have an orange set that I use for green and white teas. I’m planning a few posts about my teaware when I get through what I already have planned.

      I think if you can see the bits in a tea you know exactly what’s in it and it doesn’t taste artificial. I’m definitely going to order more of the whiskey tea!


  2. wobblypip says:

    The whisky tea sounds intriguing. Definately one for me to try now the nights are drawing in.


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