Flutter Launch at Oasis, Cardiff

I have been a huge fan of Peter Ting’s ceramics ever since I went to an event at Fortnum and Mason last year where his 1660 London tea tasting cups were launched. When I found out that Oasis were launching a Flutter clothing line designed by Peter Ting, based on his Flutter ceramics collection, I was really excited. My excitement grew when I discovered that there would be an afternoon tea launch event in the Cardiff Oasis store and I even booked annual leave from work to go!


The window display showed off the spirit of the new collection perfectly with giant tea cups used as props. It’s one of the best window displays I’ve seen for a clothing line… but I’m probably biased due to their use of the tea cups!

Flutter Oasis Cardiff

There was a stand close to the door where there were very friendly members of staff on hand to kindly give out cups of Lipton iced teas, a cupcake and a bag of sweets whilst explaining a bit more about the collection.

Flutter Oasis Cardiff

The idea to create the clothing line came after someone from Oasis enjoyed an afternoon tea where Peter Ting’s Flutter teaware was used. It’s beautiful flower and hummingbird pattern is based on classic Chinese Hua Niao (flower bird) paintings and this inspired them to approach Peter Ting about the possibility of a clothing line.

I spent ages looking at all 11 pieces of clothing. They are so pretty and very reasonably priced for such a well designed collection. They have a very clear oriental influence and all feature the hummingbird pattern. My favourite piece has to be the kimono which I plan to buy soon and will probably wear with everything! I just wish I’d had a spare £50 on the day.

In order to celebrate the launch of the collection The Tea People were commissioned to create a special tea blend which was available as a prize in store. The tea is called Oriental Garden and is a green tea blended with jasmine, rose petals and cornflowers.

Flutter Oasis The Tea People

The tea is very pleasing to look at and the colours where chosen to reflect the colours of the hummingbird in the sun. The floral flavours also reflect the idea of the flower bird and it is very common to blend jasmine with green tea in China. I found the smell of the tea to be extremely floral but it tastes a lot more delicate than I expected which makes it very pleasing. I brewed the tea at 75c for 2 minutes and I think it would work very well as a cold brew too. I tried the tea in both my green tea and fragrant tea Peter Ting 1660 taster tea cups. The different shapes of the cups bring out different flavours in the tea. I preferred the tea from the green tea cup as it meant the floral flavours weren’t too overwhelming and were balanced with the flavour of the green tea. I’m planning to write a post all about the tea tasting set soon as they really are the most amazing pieces of teaware!

The Tea People were kind enough to send out a sample of their Choco Mint Rooibos (which has recently won a Great Taste Award) to anyone who was lucky enough to get their hands on some of the Oriental Garden. It was great to read on the label that The Tea People are a social enterprise with 50% of their profits going towards the education of children in tea growing regions. Their teas are available to buy online.


I decided to try the Choco Mint Rooibos before bed as it is naturally caffeine free and I felt it would make a nice alternative to hot chocolate. I brewed it at 97c for 3 minutes and I found the peppermint flavour in the rooibos quite strong. I think I need to try brewing it longer to bring out the chocolate flavour a bit more in order to balance it out. Saying that, I do like mint so I found it enjoyable and I think it would be perfect for after a meal.

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2 Responses to Flutter Launch at Oasis, Cardiff

  1. Dina says:

    OMG that bunny cup is the cutest thing ever! Where did you get it?

    I love your blog by the way! I am obsessed with afternoon tea ever since I moved to the UK!

    Dina│Cardiff Beauty Blog


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