Tea at LUSH, Cardiff

I was recently invited to the summer event at Lush, Cardiff and had a lovely evening finding out about the new products and indulging in some tea and cake. Whilst I was there I couldn’t resist buying a few bits related to tea that I came across! I picked up some aquatic toothy tabs and a sakura bath bomb. I’ve also gone back since to buy the sikkim girls perfume.

Aquatic Toothy Tabs (v)


When I saw these toothy tabs I had to buy them as they are lime, jasmine and Earl Grey flavoured. They contain powered Sencha leaves and powdered Earl Grey (which is black tea flavoured with bergamot oil). I see so many pre-prepared cold tea drinks that contain tea extract so I was pleased to see that the toothy tabs contain actual tea leaves. When I opened the packet the first thing that struck me was how natural they looked due to the colour. To use them you put one toothy tab between your front teeth, nibble until it begins to foam and then brush as normal. I found that they tasted floral due to the jasmine, yet citrusy due to the lime and bergamot oil. They leave my teeth feeling really clean without there being an aftertaste which is something I really like about them. They also leave my breath fresh without it just smelling strongly of toothpaste. I think they are perfect for brushing your teeth during the day as you don’t have to wait for the taste to subside before drinking or eating.

Sakura Bath Bomb (v)


I had such a relaxing bath with the bath bomb. They are not something I buy very often so it felt like such a treat. It creates a lovely floral yet citrusy smell and doesn’t change the colour of the bath water very much. It is inspired by sakura which is a Japanese cherry blossom that is commonly blended with green tea. It’s my new favourite bath bomb!

Sikkim Girls Gorilla Perfume (v)


When I tested this perfume at the summer event it was my favourite from the relaunched gorilla range so I couldn’t resist going back to buy it. It has a Darjeeling scent meaning that it’s floral but spicy. I don’t know if everyone would automatically pick it out as Darjeeling unless it was pointed out to them. I love the idea of smelling like tea and I’ve found the perfume to be very lasting. As it cost a bit more than I would usually spend on perfume, and as I love the scent so much, it’s going to be my perfume for special occasions.

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6 Responses to Tea at LUSH, Cardiff

  1. V says:

    That bath bomb looks like it would be beautiful in the water πŸ™‚


  2. Amanda, Soggyenderman says:

    Those Toothy Tabs look amazing! Definitely adding to my shopping list πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am intrigued by the toothy tabs. I remember Lush way back when they were Cosmetics To Go and mail order only….


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