Cardiff LUSH Summer Event with Waterloo Tea


I was recently invited to an event at Lush, Cardiff showcasing their new sun care products, their relaunched perfume range and their updated self preserving products. You may wonder how this involves tea but Waterloo Tea were there with some lovely teas and cakes to compliment the products.

Before being introduced to the products we were told a little bit about what we were going to be shown and Waterloo Tea gave an introduction about the company and their teahouses, especially their Wyndham Arcade teahouse as it is in the city centre. I think Waterloo Tea were the perfect choice to offer refreshments at a Lush event as they share a similar philosophy. Just as Lush have a wide range of vegan products so do Waterloo Tea, and both find traceability important.

The first product range we were shown was the self preserving products. My favourite was definitely the ocean salt scrub which is suitable for vegans.


I was given some in my goodie bag and after using it I’ve found that it doesn’t dry out my skin as face scrubs do usually. I also like how it has the name of the person who made the product on the tub. My scrub was made by Rafal on 5th August 2014! The self preserving products were paired with a mint infusion and a lemon and poppy seed cake from Waterloo Tea.


The mint is supplied by Organic Fresh Food Co. as is most of the fresh produce at Waterloo Tea’s teahouses. The mint is brewed at 95c with a cube of demerara sugar. It’s comparable to a Moroccan mint tea without the green tea. It’s a perfect caffeine free alternative to tea and I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to. The lemon and poppy seed cake is a new recipe and was so incredibly moist. The lemon went very well with the mint infusion and the sweetness of the added sugar lifted the sharp flavours slightly.

The second product range we were shown was the gorilla perfume range which is being relaunched. We also were told about how Lush saw the sandalwood smuggling trade firsthand and this resonated with me in relation to the tea industry. It also highlights why traceability is so important. They have even written a graphic novel about it which would be worth a read!


My favourite perfume was sikkim girls ‘with Darjeeling tea and spicy, floral notes.’ I’ve never seen a tea scented perfume before and I plan to go back and buy it very soon! The perfume was paired with a lemongrass mate brewed at 95c.


Mate is a highly caffeinated South American drink and is an infusion rather than a tea become it doesn’t come from the tea plant. I really enjoyed it with the lemongrass as it gives it a highly fragrant flavour. I thought the fragrant nature of the infusion meant it suited the perfume section well. Also, mate is an ethically sourced and sustainable plant making it perfect for the Lush event as it reflects their principles. It suited the perfume range in particular due to the ethical considerations of sandalwood. The cake paired with the lemongrass mate was a gluten and dairy free orange, almond and syrup cake. The orange complimented the lemongrass really well with the orange syrup adding some sweetness.

The third and final product range we were shown was the new sun care range. The range has some very unique products with natural ingredients creating the SPF.


Two of the products really stood out to me as someone who hates greasy sun creams. They are the solid sunblock that you wash onto yourself in the shower and the powdered sunshine which is applied to the skin as a powder. I was given some of the vegan friendly powdered sunshine in my goodie bag (made by Denise on 25th July 2014) so I hope the sun makes a last appearance before autumn comes! The sun care range was paired with cold brew puerh with rosebuds.


I’ve had this cold brew before as it was available throughout the summer in Waterloo Tea in the Wyndham Arcade. Puerh is a very earthy tea and as this is a shou (cooked) puerh it has a strong flavour meaning the rosebuds add a lovely sweetness. Puerh is my favourite type of tea and this is such a lovely way to drink it. It is cold brewed in the fridge for 3 hours and is made of equal amounts of puerh to rosebuds. The fact that this is a very summery drink is why it was paired with the sun care range. The cake paired with it was a very delicious, but very rich, chocolate and salted caramel cake. As puerh is such a strong tea it goes very well with such a rich cake. I find puerh and chocolate always compliment each other very well.

We were very kindly given a goodie bag and, as well as the products mentioned above, we were also given some Meghalaya from Waterloo Tea.


It’s a lovely delicate yet malty Indian tea with notes of chocolate. It doesn’t take milk or sugar very well and should be brewed at 95c for 3 minutes. I normally have some in my cupboard and had just ran out so I was really pleased. I also couldn’t resist buying a couple of other Lush items whilst there. I went for a sakura bath bomb. Sakura is Japanese cherry blossom which can be found blended with Japanese green teas such as sencha. I also bought some toothy tabs which are flavoured with lime, jasmine and Earl Grey which you can read about in a later post.


Thank you very much to Lush and Waterloo Tea for hosting such a great event.

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8 Responses to Cardiff LUSH Summer Event with Waterloo Tea

  1. Nicole Patil says:

    A very interesting read. I am now very interested to try Meghalaya and very excited to go and shop at Lush!
    In the past I’ve never shopped there due to the smells being very strong, but now I understand the ethics behind the products I am ready to put that to one side. I’m especially excited to try the vegan toothy tabs and sun block powder πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. πŸ™‚ I’ve never been much of a Lush shopper as the smell has put me off too but after learning so much at this event I will be shopping there a lot more. Not all of the products are quite so overpowering once you get past the bath bombs. I also loved the idea pairing of tea with the products and I was surprised how well it worked. Meghalaya is delicious… I’d recommend getting some from Waterloo Tea! Look out for a post about the toothy tabs soon. πŸ™‚


  2. So jealous as I love lush stuff! Looks like a really fun event πŸ™‚


  3. beauboo says:

    This looks like an amazing event! Tea and Lush products! What more does a girl need!


  4. Cheryl says:

    I love this πŸ™‚ It’s probably the best post I’ve seen on the Lush summer event, especially as you concentrated on the tea just as much as the products.

    Liked by 1 person

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