Alcohol and Tea: Got Beef and Discount Supermarket, Whitchurch Road

Got Beef- Harry Brompton’s London Ice Tea

I have wanted to try Harry Brompton’s alcoholic ice tea for a while so I was really pleased to come across some at Got Beef.


Got Beef has a great selection of alcoholic drinks and the alcoholic ice tea is a great addition as it is really refreshing to have alongside a burger. It is made with ‘the finest ethically sourced Kenyan black teas, crisp craft distilled grain spirit and infused with natural citrus’. The black teas used have a lovely sweetness about them and there is the perfect amount of citrus to compliment the flavour of the tea without overpowering it. The ice tea is lightly sparking which I think works really well. It makes the drink really refreshing and I think it makes the flavours come through well. I had my Harry Brompton’s with a delicious Uni burger- a burger with Chinese inspired flavours. I opted for the sweet potato fries as my side which were lovely and crispy on the outside but I felt they could have been done for just a touch longer on the inside. I’ve been to Got Beef a few times since it found it’s permanent home and I love it… especially now I am able to have a tea with my burger!

Discount Supermarket- High Tea IPA

On the way home I popped into Discount Supermarket which is a few doors down from Got Beef. Discount Supermarket has a fantastic selection of alcohol and I usually find something new on every visit… but never tea related. However, on this visit I came across a bottle of tea flavoured beer!


High Tea is an IPA from Roosters which has been brewed with jasmine green tea from Taylor’s of Harrogate. I am not a lover of beer but I had to get my husband to try it as it was the only one on the shelf and is a limited edition. I had a little sip and I found the floral flavour of the jasmine to be really strong which complimented the bitterness of the beer well. I couldn’t taste any green tea though. I think if you like beer, tea and jasmine then it is a must try! It is something very unusual which is why I couldn’t just leave it on the shelf.

You can find Harry Brompton’s in most Waitrose and Sainsbury’s stores, or from Ocado online, if you want to try it at home.

You can find every company featured in this post on Twitter: @MrHarryBrompton, @Gotbeefco, @DScardiffdrinks, @TaylorsTea, @RoostersBrewCo

[None of the companies featured were aware that I was going to write this post]

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