Persian Tea at Mowlana Persian Restaurant, Splott

I haven’t had much experience of Persian tea so when I saw it on the menu at Mowlana I was really keen to try it. My preconception was that it would be strong and bitter due to the way it is brewed and the length of time that it is brewed for. When my small glass of tea came with a big bowl of sugar this only cemented my expectations.

Mowlana Cardiff

The shape of the traditional style tea glass was perfect for being able to capture the aroma and I love the way it looked. The tea had a slight floral smell which I wasn’t expecting and the colour showed that it wasn’t over brewed.

Mowlana Persian Cardiff

I found the tea to be strong and robust but there was no trace of bitterness at all. It also had a slight floral taste as the aroma suggested. This made for a really interesting and delicious cup of tea meaning the sugar was left untouched. It went really well with the gorgeous lamb stew containing dried limes that I had to eat for lunch.

On my next visit I will be asking a bit more about the tea as I am very intrigued and I feel that I have so much to learn about Persian tea. I feel that for the purpose of being honest about my Mowlana experience I must I point out that I was rather disappointed with their homemade saffron ice cream as it contained big chunks of ice and didn’t taste of much. I also found the service quite poor but I will definitely be visiting again on the strength of both the tea and stew.

Mowlana do not have much of an internet presence but the restaurant can be found on Four Elms Road, Splott in Cardiff.

[Mowlana were not aware that I was going to write a blog post about my visit]

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4 Responses to Persian Tea at Mowlana Persian Restaurant, Splott

  1. burns509 says:

    Did you enjoy the food at Mowlana? I’ve not heard of it before.


  2. Interesting. I’d like to try it


    • It was lovely and only £1 per glass. I think it had added flavour but it was delicate and I don’t know enough about Persian tea to be sure. I’m going to do some research before I write a post about brewing some at home. It’s very similar to Turkish tea.


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