‘Sweet Shop Cascara’ Signature Drink, Waterloo Gardens Teahouse

I recently wrote a post about the new signature drinks at Waterloo Gardens Teahouse, Penylan that you can read here. I had no intention of writing about the signature drinks again (especially not this soon) but the latest creation really is something quite special so I felt compelled to write something small! It is Cascara served with a hard boiled rhubarb sweet and given the great name of Sweet Shop Cascara.


Cascara is the dried coffee cherry which is where coffee beans come from. It doesn’t taste like coffee at all and has a sweet cherry taste. It is brewed like a tea but the cherries don’t need to be removed from the pot as they don’t overbrew… the flavour just continues to develop.


It is an interesting drink on its own but coupled with the rhubarb sweet it is something unique. The rhubarb sweet is placed in the cup with the brewed Cascara poured over the top. The sweet melts slowly and this adds a touch more sweetness and a slight sharpness from the rhubarb to the drink. As the Cascara flavour continues to develop and the sweet melts the tastes change throughout. The sweet is homemade by using the water from stewed rhubarb to make a boiled sweet with sugar and syrup. This shows the thought and effort put into the signature drinks and this is one not to be missed. There is still over a week and a half left to try it and it goes very well with a lovely warm scone!


[Waterloo Gardens Teahouse were not aware that I was going to write a blog post… neither was I!]

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