Vivid Matcha Drinks


I’ve been wanting to try the Vivid Matcha Drinks for a while now so I was really pleased to win a mixed case of 12 drinks in a retweet competition on Twitter. Vivid Drinks are a small London based company that was founded last year. The idea behind the drinks is to make Matcha more accessible as they are easy to drink on the go and they sweeten the taste of the tea. The flavours have been chosen to compliment the taste of Matcha rather than mask it. It is sometimes suggested that Matcha should be drunk for the supposed health and energy benefits rather than for the taste. I believe all tea should be appreciated for its taste with no exception. This means that I appreciate the way that Vivid have created their drinks in a way that makes the most of the Matcha flavour. Although flavour is the most important aspect of the drink for me, I do find it great to drink for a steady and prolonged boost of energy as I do with Matcha drunk in the traditional way. You can read more about Matcha in my previous post Matcha at Home.

Grape and Elderflower


As well as Matcha, there is also some white tea added to this flavour. White tea is very delicate and the flavour of it doesn’t come through so I don’t think it is really needed in the drink. I found this to be the sweetest flavour of the three and very enjoyable. I love floral flavours and I really enjoy the taste of elderflower. The elderflower and the grape compliment both each other, and the Matcha, very well. I found this drink slightly thicker than the other two but I’m not sure if this was just as I didn’t shake it enough. The drinks need to be shaken very well before opening.

Pear and Rhubarb


This is my favourite flavour of the three drinks and I found it the most refreshing. As well as having Matcha as an ingredient there is also some rooibos added. Matcha has a unique grassy taste and I think the sweetness of the rooibos and pear, along with the sharp flavour of the rhubarb, compliment the Matcha perfectly.

Lime, Ginger and Honey


I really enjoyed this flavour but I think it would divide opinion more than the other two. This is because Matcha, ginger and lime are three big flavours. I think the ginger and lime both work very well with the Matcha and the honey adds a sweetness that cuts through any sharpness. I also think that the strong flavours reflect the idea that you are drinking something energising.

You can find the drinks in selected Waitrose shops as well as a few other places. You could also try and win some on Twitter like I did… just keep an eye on the Vivid Twitter account!

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2 Responses to Vivid Matcha Drinks

  1. Hi, Good review. I remember tasting the Vivid drink, and it wasn’t really my thing. I like my tea Hot and the only tea that I have tasted cold and liked was the Bissap-Hibiscus tea.


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