‘Rose and Rooibos Lemonade’: New Signature Drinks at Waterloo Gardens Teahouse

One of my favourite things about Waterloo Tea is their constant experimentation and that’s why the idea of their new signature drinks really appeals to me. Every fortnight will host a new signature drink made with a different tea, infusion or coffee.

I didn’t get a chance to try their first signature drink at Waterloo Gardens Teahouse which was cold brewed Java with fresh strawberries and mint. The Java was cold brewed for seven hours which really shows how much thought and effort will be put into each signature drink. Java is an Indonesian black tea which is delicious brewed hot so I am very disappointed to have missed this delightful sounding cold brew. They are currently a week into their second signature drink… a rose and rooibos lemonade served with iced rosebuds.

Rose and Rooibos Lemonade

To prepare the still lemonade; orange and lemon rooibos is brewed hot as normal and then cooled very quickly in an ice bath. It is then served in a glass carafe with a few iced Egyptian rosebuds added to a glass for the lemonade to be poured over. The carafe holds around two glasses worth which I found to be the perfect amount. The rooibos contains dried orange and lemon peel meaning it has a well balanced and natural flavour. The iced rosebuds are a fantastic idea and are something I plan to make myself at home. They add a sweetness to the lemonade and the rose flavour of the drink increases as they melt. I think this developing flavour makes the lemonade interesting until the very last sip. The lemonade is the signature drink for another week so I would highly recommend trying it. I am really intrigued to see what they will come up with next!

As well as the rose and rooibos lemonade, between two of us we indulged in two infusions of Ancient Emerald Lily, two infusions of Nishi First Flush Sencha and a Matcha latte. I cannot help but over order whenever I visit the teahouse!


I was really impressed by the way that the latte art stayed until the end of the Matcha latte…

Matcha Latte Art

[Waterloo Gardens Teahouse were not aware that I was going to write a blog post]

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2 Responses to ‘Rose and Rooibos Lemonade’: New Signature Drinks at Waterloo Gardens Teahouse

  1. Christine says:

    The rosebuds in ice are so pretty!


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