Tea Scented Candles: Yankee Candle and Little Hotties

I love tea and I love scented candles. When I came across a Camomile Tea Yankee Candle votive it only seemed natural that I should buy it. Since then I have been collecting all the tea scented candles or wax tarts that I can get my hands on. I currently have six but I am always on the look out for more.


I find it really comforting to have the smell of tea throughout the house. One of my wax tart burners looks like a mug which adds to the tea theme. It was a gift from a family member who bought it for only 50p at a car boot sale!


Jasmine Green Tea Wax Tart- Yankee Candle

This is a ‘retired’ scent and I believe that it is quite hard to get hold of. I was kindly given two wax tarts of it by Yankee Addicts who knows about my love of tea and of Yankee Candles. I only light half a wax tart at a time so that I can save some to light another time. A wax tart will give around 8 hours of fragrance.

It was very a delicate scent and the throw was not very far so I found that it worked better in a small room. The sweet and floral jasmine scent was stronger than the green tea smell but I did get notes of green tea when it had been burning for a while. I really enjoyed the fragrance so I am saving my second tart. As this fragrance is hard to get hold of I would recommend Midnight Jasmine as an alternative.

‘True Bliss’ White Tea and Sage Crumble- Yankee Addicts

This again was kindly gifted to me by Yankee Addicts. Yankee Candle Crumble is exclusive to Yankee Addicts and I think it is a great idea. It is cheaper than a wax tart and generally contains more wax per bag than a wax tart. It is genuine Yankee Candle wax and means that you can use as small an amount as you want. It is well suited to mixology (mixing with other waxes to create your own scent) or for trying out a scent before buying a jar candle.

Upon cold sniff the crumble has a very strong sage smell and I could not detect any white tea. When lit the sage was the first sell that hit me but after a while I did get a slight tea smell when reasonably close to the burner. White tea is a delicate smell so I did not expect to smell it too much. I think the tea smell is just enough to cut through the strong sage fragrance and lift it slightly. I found the scent throw really good. I liked the scent and only needed to use a small amount of crumble at a time.

Delicate White Tea Little Hotties- Bomb Cosmetics

I came across Little Hotties in a shop in Clifton, Bristol and filled a box with many different fragrances. I chose four Delicate White Tea Hotties which are in the shape of stars. They are designed for mixology and a little book comes with them filled with mixology ideas.

Upon cold sniff Little Hotties don’t smell of much. This goes for all of their fragrances! When lit though it is a different story. I lit two of the Delicate White Tea Little Hotties alone so I could appreciate the smell. The were delicate as the name suggests but I did get a lovely hint of white tea. I decided to add Magnolia Blossom to them as I thought the floral smell would work well without overpowering the tea. I would definitely recommend them as part of a mixology as they are designed for.

I also have Yankee Candle Vanilla Chai, Tea and Honey and Camomile Tea. These were either bought from Yankee Addicts or from the Bridgend Yankee Candle outlet. I haven’t burnt Tea and Honey yet as it is a ‘retired’ scent meaning that is no longer made and is hard to get hold of. I am also saving the others as I don’t want to burn all of my tea scented candles in quick succession!

Follow @yankeeaddicts on Twitter for Yankee Candle news and competitions. Also, visit their website to purchase current, rare and retired Yankees and for their new unique crumble mixes which are freshly made to order.

Follow @BombCosmetics on Twitter or visit their website.

The Yankee Candle outlet shop in MacArthur Glen, Bridgend is great for deals and there is a Yankee Candle Store on Wellfield Road, Cardiff which sells a wide range of candles which you can follow on Twitter.

[Yankee Addicts gifted me the Jasmine Green Tea Wax Tarts and the True Bliss Crumble. The other Yankee candles and wax tarts, and the Bomb Cosmetics Little Hotties, were all purchased by me]

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6 Responses to Tea Scented Candles: Yankee Candle and Little Hotties

  1. Kel says:

    Tea and Honey sounds amazing – in fact they all do!


    • They are amazing πŸ™‚ I’m hoping to get another Tea and Honey one soon so I can actually bring myself to light it. Just wish I could get a large jar of it! I’m hoping to find more tea fragranced candles and I’m starting to look at different brands now.


  2. clurrrrr says:

    Great post! If you love candles my friend makes her own hand poured soy wax candles and they smell amazing! I posted a blog about them if you wanna check it out?


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