Indian Chai Chocolate, Coco Caravan

I am not vegan… in fact, I am not even vegetarian but I am rather enjoying raw and vegan sweet treats at the moment. I bought some local, organic, raw, vegan, fairtrade chai flavour chocolate the other day and have just enjoyed it with a pot of malty Assam tea. I enjoyed it so much that I had to write about it!

The chocolate I bought is Coco Caravan Indian Chai chocolate from Penylan Pantry. Obviously, along with my new love for raw vegan chocolate, it was the Indian Chai flavour which captured my attention. It was priced at £4 for 70g grams which sounds a bit steep but, when I saw the quality of the ingredients, and that is something from a small company ‘made and wrapped lovingly by hand in Cardiff’, I could not resist. I really like locally produced food and I also really like chai spices! It was nice to see Anglesey salt used as an ingredient considering its recent protected status.

Coco caravan

Here is the description of how the chocolate is produced and the ingredients…

Coco Caravan info

Generally I am not that fond of dark chocolate but I find vegan dark chocolate completely different. It has a much cleaner taste and it has a nice texture as it ever so slightly crumbles. The chai spices in the chocolate were delicious. It had a strong spicy taste with the cardamom and ginger but the vanilla and coconut blossom nectar added a sweetness. It was the perfect amount of chocolate for a small pot of tea. I had it with a pot of Assam which matched it well as I use Assam to make my chai at home. I would definitely recommend it to vegans and raw food lovers who are looking for a nice sweet treat. I would also recommend it to those who like dark chocolate or those who are looking for something a bit different (and healthier!) to try with their cup of tea. I would definitely buy it again but, at £4, it is something I would buy as a special treat rather than on a regular basis. Raw vegan treats are generally more expensive because of the ingredients used.

[Neither Coco Caravan or Penylan Pantry knew I was going to write a blog post]

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4 Responses to Indian Chai Chocolate, Coco Caravan

  1. Here here! One to put on my list to try 🙂


  2. You’ll have to let me know what you think. 🙂


  3. Thanks for recommending this. Having read your review I’m now gutted that I’m allergic to it 😦 It sounds lush!


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